Center for Merchandising Education and Research

The Department of Interior Design & Fashion Merchandising

The Center for Merchandising Education and Research links education and industry for the professional development of individuals in Merchandising within our global society.

The Center’s purpose is to forge meaningful industry partnerships that enhance the education and development of TCU merchandising students and faculty. Programs sponsored by the center include the Executive in Residence Day, Merchandising Matters Career Symposium, Fashion Week, and speakers’ forum with corporate CEOs. A goal of the center is to generate funding to recognize outstanding students with awards and stipends for travel programs, out-of-state internships, as well as industry sponsored conferences and seminars. Additional focus for the center includes promoting community outreach that facilitates academic research which can be applied to industry problems, coordinating faculty internships and recruiting future merchandising students to TCU.

The Center’s outstanding faculty, Dr. Janace Bubonia, Dr. Sally Fortenberry, Dr. Shweta Reddy, Dr. Patricia Warrington, and Mrs. Stephanie Bailey, bring extensive industry experience spanning more than 30 years from retailing, manufacturing, design and product development, quality assurance, and buying.

For more information about the Center or opportunities to collaborate contact:

Sally L. Fortenberry, Ph.D., CFCS
Associate Professor of Fashion Merchandising
Director for the Center for Merchandising Education and Research
Merchandising Internship Coordinator
Department of Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising
Texas Christian University
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